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A Purifying Purge

Item #012
A Purifying Purge (cleansing Oil)

To be applied on at night, A Purifying Purge can help clear away red spots, and acne. With ingredients such as lavender, and rosewood this oil helps to clean and moisturize skin. This oil is good for all skin types.

Radiant Aurora

Item #011  $10

Radiant Aurora (Soft Sun Cream)
As the Roman goddess Aurora reaches to create dawn, there is a radiation from different atmospheres in the hemisphere that produces brilliant and incandescent colors that light up the sky. Radiant Aurora is a soft Sunscreen cream that protects skin against the suns UVA and UVB rays. This cream is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Not only does this cream protect against the sun with an SPF of 35, but it also moistures skin so that it can stay healthy.

Radiant Aurora

Raw Satin

Item #010   $8

Raw Satin (Foot Cream)

As an overnight foot cream, Raw Satin will help clear up dried and cracked feet. Apply a large amount and cover with a soft sock. In the morning, your feet with be soft and repaired.

Cleansing Polish

Item #009   $8

Cleansing Polish (Organic Sugar Scrub)

As an after shower cleansing routine, Cleansing Polish can help clear and protect skin. With Organic sugar, it helps to reach into the grooves and bring out dirt and oil. Good for all skin types.

Spontaneous Excellence

Item #008   $6

Spontaneous excellence (everything/everyday balm)

Spontaneous Excellence is an everyday balm that helps to moisture dry patches on the skin. With organic African Shea Butter, this balm helps keep skin protected. This balm can also be used on lips as a lip protectant.

Spontaneous Excellence II

Figured Frame

Item #007   $6

Figured Frame (Body Oil)

For a night time of relaxation and moisture, Figured Frame helps reduce skin stress with all natural ingredients such as coconut oil and jojoba oil. This body oil can be used as a massage oil for feet, face, and hands.

Wild Lush

Item #006   $8

Wild Lush (Lotion bar)

An everyday lotion is now a bar that melts into your skin using body heat. With all organic ingredients, Wild Lush will keep skin moisturized and healthy. This bar is designed for people for all skin types including those with sensitive skin.Wild LushII

You’re Serendipity

Item #005   $8

You’re Serendipity (shimmer oil powder)

You’re Serendipity is perfect for skin that is oily or shiny after putting on foundation. This powder can be applied over foundation as well as being brushed over the skin to give a natural glow and reduce the natural oil on the face. With hints of cinnamon and rosehip, this powder can help strengthen and create healthy glowing're serendipity

Chilean Jamaica

Item #004   $8

Chilean Jamaica (Blush Powder)

With hints of Jamaica, Chilean Jamaica is perfect for adding color to facial skin. This blush powder will provide definition to cheek bones and give a rosy finish. Chilean Jamaica helps to slim and contour cheek bones and can be used in conjunction with Coco Allure.


Item #003   $10

Sunrise (Skin Protection Bar)

Sunrise protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This bar can be directly applied to the body as well as the face and with all natural ingredients such as coconut oil and Shea butter; this is the perfect bar for people who have sensitive skin.